Why Therapy?

Deciding to engage with therapy may feel like necessity. Perhaps an unexpected life event leading to crisis, has upended, or usurped what you once knew.

Maybe it is a sense that ”something is not right in my life;” and you are unsure if therapy could help because maybe you feel the problem is not serious or significant enough.

I sometimes hear “I waited until things got really bad before engaging with therapy – only when I was really desperate.” But it is my belief that we all deserve to figure out what is making us feel low, apathetic, or disconnected from others, and ‘things.’ We should invest in ourselves, and be curious about why we are not living life the way we hoped, or imagined.

I take the stance, we as growth-potential humans are entitled to seek comfort and support. To find answers, and to feel more grounded; aiming to live with increased peace, and contentedness.

It takes courage to seek therapy. We feel vulnerable, and it will sometimes take us into the unknown and unfamiliar. But I can walk alongside you. Providing support; helping you to make sense of events in your life, and those habits and ways of living that are outmoded or hindering you now.

I can help you to consider how you would prefer to feel.

Simply put, therapists, such as me provide a valuable service, because we can help by offering alternative truths, and providing another lens. Without such help, we may fall prone to becoming unreliable narrators of our own story.